The Laundry Personality Quiz- What Your Laundry Choice Says About You…

The Laundry Personality Quiz- What Your Laundry Choice Says About You…

Have you ever thought about what your choices in the laundry say about you? It turns out, your approach to washing clothes can reveal a lot more than just your cleaning preferences. To celebrate the exciting launch of the latest Undo This Mess laundry products – we are exploring the fascinating world of laundry psychology... Got a new BF and trying to figure out if he’s a keeper? Keep reading.

The 'Free Pourer'

You are a loose unit who loves to just break the rules for the hell of it. Free pouring your laundry liquid is the ultimate flex. Do you know exactly what a cap measurement is? Or do you simply not care? Who knows. You thrive on spontaneity and enjoy bending the norms. Who knows what you’ll do next?

The 'Laundry Sheets Lover'

If you prefer the convenience and eco-friendliness of laundry sheets, you’re likely a gentle and thoughtful individual. Known for your considerate nature, you’re always looking out for others and the environment. Your warm smile and caring demeanor make you universally beloved—a true champion of sustainability and kindness. Can you be any nicer?

The 'Colour Separator'

We are impressed and also a little scared of your organisation skills. You meticulously separate your laundry into whites, colors, and delicates. A little OCD but your clothes love you for it. Your calendar is up to date and colour coded and your wardrobe looks like something out of magazine. We can always rely on you.

The 'Just Throw It In'

You are always running late and most of the time wearing odd socks. Laundry capsules are your go-to for their effortless convenience. You live by the motto "throw it in and forget about it," prioritizing efficiency over perfection. Life may be chaotic, but your laundry routine remains simple and straightforward.

Whatever kinda laundry person you are, Undo This Mess has the product for you. Our latest launch is not only one new product, but three! Three different ways to do laundry, all better options for the environment vs your traditional toxic brands.

Choose your laundry style today at your local Woolworths.

Undo This Mess Odour Terminator Say Hasta La Vista to bad odours with Malodorshield technology for our most refreshing clean ever!

Undo This Mess Laundry Sheets Holy Sheet! Time to ditch the plastic waste and save time & space!

Undo This Mess 3in1 Laundry Capsules The ultimate in convenience. Wave goodbye to the hassle, our convenient and effective laundry capsules are here to take a load off and make laundry a breeze!

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