Are your products phthalate free?

Phthalates are a type of chemical (in the same family as BPA) that can be used to make plastic items. Not here! Our bottles are made from HDPE which doesn’t contain BPA, phthalates or heavy metals. Plus they are 100% recyclable.

Why do you use plastic bottles?

We understand plastic is a BIG problem. But the main problem with plastic is the production and use of NEW virgin plastics. And the fact that these new plastic bottles are made overseas and have a significant carbon footprint to get here!

Not us- not only do we use recycled HPDE plastic instead of new plastic . We produce these recycled plastic bottles in our very own Melbourne PET moulding factory (which is solar powered btw too).

What are your bottles made from?

Our Undo This Mess bottles are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and contains 30% recycled content.

What is the wrapper on your dish tablets made from?

It might look like plastic but trust us, it’s not! It’s a 100% dissolvable Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). So no need to unwrap your dish tablets, jus throw the whole thing in your machine.


Why do you use some synthetic fragrances in your products?

The fragrances used in our products are blends of natural and synthetic oils for a few reasons! Where we use natural fragrances as much as we can, sometimes synthetic fragrances are actually the most sustainable alternative due to some natural fragrances being animal derived, contain high levels of allergens or simply rare to source at commercial quantities.

Do you test on animals or use animal derived products?

That’s an absolute no no! We love and respect our furry friends and never test on animals or use animal derived ingredients - not now, not ever. All of our products are vegan-friendly and our partners and suppliers must also comply with our strict standards.

Are your products grey water safe?

Grey water and septic safe here! All our products have low sodium levels and undetectable phosphates in our products make it grey water safe. Our products are biodegradable, and do not contain any ingredients that are toxic to plants.

Why do your products contain preservatives?

Any product that needs to have a longer shelf life needs to have some kind of preservative to avoid bacterial and fungal contamination (yuck, we really don’t want to see that!). We use the smallest amounts possible and we only use preservatives that have been assessed and approved for use in Cosmetic and Personal Care products, following TGA/EU Cosmetic Directive guidelines. We regularly review our preservatives to ensure that any new information that becomes available is considered, and that we are using the most appropriate preservatives available for our products.

Do you use Australian ingredients?

You betcha! We always source Australian ingredients first and only if they aren’t available will we look at sourcing from elsewhere.


Can I use your surface cleaners on my cooktop?

Our surface cleaners are suitable for use on stainless steel, glass and ceramic so should be suitable on most stovetops including induction!

Can your laundry liquids be used for front and top loaders?

Absolutely- we don’t discriminate on what kind of washing machine you use! All of our laundry liquids are perfect for both top and front loader machines.


Where can I find your products?

You can our whole range at Woolworths and our dishwashing and cleaning now is now available at Coles too!